Dear Professional Colleagues,


It is my privilege to update the readers on some significant developments that took place over last one month:

  • Passport mela for the members was successfully held on 13.05.2017.
  • One day seminar on Direct Taxes was conducted on 20.05.2017.
  • The certification course on GST has given its massive start with the high member’s turnout.
  • Host of other events were also conducted for the benefit of students.

As deadline for implementation of GST is fast approaching, MBSIRC has planned for a slew of events for the members:

  • From 07.07.2017 to 09.07.2017, a residential seminar on Kodaikanal is planned to be held at kodaikanal.
  • Yet another certification course on GST has also been planned. The members will be updated soon in this regard.


As we progress through, I kindly request all the members to gear up and make the most of the opportunity.

Let me conclude with the wonderful quote of Nelson Mandela,

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living – Nelson Mandela

So dear members, let us set our goals high and march towards a prosperous future….

  • Seminars / Workshops / Refresher Courses
  • GST
  • Mega carrier guidance program for students
  • An International family tour for members
  • MBSIRC Website & E - Court

The success of the CA is primarily in updating knowledge. This is for our survival and also for proving excellence.

In the light of this understanding, I have made it a point to run refresher courses, workshops, seminars and conferences on topics of professional interest with a view to help the members keep themselves abreast of the development in the fast changing scenario. This is in addition to the regular CPE Programto be held every Saturday and these sessions will be handled by renowned experts from various fields. Feedback and follow-up of these sessions will be done periodically.

Our prime focus is to deal with the current developments of our profession of which the most important stress will be on GST. As far as India is concerned this is a new step towards taxation and this situation demands a thorough understanding of GST and how it is being worked out at various levels. This in turn requires an in-depth study and further related auditing system as well as our practicing system.

We, Chartered Accountants, should be in a position to offer our suggestions for regulating, stabilizing and exercising the GST law for the benefit of all. For this we need to have a research oriented mind towards analyzing taxation in terms of future possibilities.

I mean to say that our expertise in GST will go a long way in shaping our traditional practice in to accepting the new trends. If we have the proper expertise in these new trends, we will be in a position to consolidate our position as MUCH-WANTED CAs.

For achieving the required expertise, our branch will invite experts of GST law to enlighten us over a period of time. We plan to conduct exclusive seminars in GST throughout this year and an eight-day workshop jointly with indirect tax committee of ICAI. The study group, which we have formed for this purpose, may help us to sharpen our knowledge and we shall make it function more effectively. We also plan to identify experts from our branch and showcase their talents in various forums of other branches, not only in southern region but also in other regions of ICAI. This will help us to promote the recognition of Madurai branch and also the resource persons representing our branch

As a first of its kind, in Madurai I propose that we organize a Mega Carrier guidance program for more than one thousand college students to motivate them to choose chartered accountancy as their carrier choice.

To create a strong and healthy bonding among members, I propose that we come together as a family and go on an International family tour in the month of November2017. As a preliminary to the foreign tour, we shall hold a Passport Mela for our members in our branch itself to facilitate easy and quick process of securing the passport. And we shall initiate an easy installment plan for the tour cost. We also plan to go on short tours to a nearby location and hold a Residential Seminar as well.

With the efforts of Branch IT committee, we have been able to launch our own Revamped Website. I congratulate you all for this accomplishment. This website has been designed to meet the proactive approach adopted by our Institute and shall provide a complete access to its members and students.

As a first time in our branch, Two weeks back we organized to hold a camp court in our branch premises, to achieve the next level in connection with we shall put very strong efforts to establish E-ITAT court at our ICAI bhawan with all your morel support. As the president of ICAI rightly suggested, we shall maximize technology, use and create paperless office to conserve natural resources.

In addition to these we have planned various innovative programs for members and students for this year and I will share with you such programs from time to time. I invite suggestions from all of you to make every program and event a grand success. As the saying goes, coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.

All our efforts are basically on an ongoing process. That means we have to try our level best to reach the ultimate. Until then we will not rest. That is why the theme for this year becomes a driving force. The theme is “Striving for Excellence” 

Our slogan for attending meetings and events shall be “On time Every-time” and our slogan for all our proceedings shall be “First Things First.”
Therefore, I appeal all of you to be punctual and methodological in all our endeavor.

Dear colleagues, I am quite confident that your involvement in various initiatives of the branch will give me inspiration to put in more energy and to take the profession to new heights. This is a joint effort. I seek your support and enterprising ideas to translate the dream into reality.

Let me conclude with these words…
“success is no is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all , love of what you are doing or learning to do.”Come on friends, let us achieve further success and mark our significants.

CA R Jegadeesh
Chairman, Madurai Branch of SIRC of ICAI
04546 254234,254254 | 0452 2640968
+91 94433 84627 |
ICAI Bhawan, Old Natham Road, Visalakshipuram, Madurai-625 007.

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