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Greetings to all my dear members!

It gives me immense pleasure to do my first communique with Madurai Branch members through this newsletter as Chairperson of MBSIRC.

Inspired by the wisdom words of Swami Vivekananda – “Service to mankind is the greatest Service to God “, It’s my pleasure to serve our members and students of Madurai Branch. I thank all members of Madurai Branch for bestowing this honor on me.

“Actions speaks louder than words” Words & Promises don’t have any meaning unless it is put into action. After much deliberation , I have designed the Action Plan for the year 2023-24.


1. Organising Enriching Professional Meetings (i.e.,Continuing Professional Education) with a blend of Virtual & Physical meetings
focusing on upgrading our members technology wise and exploring new avenues of professional practice.

2. Empowering Women members by creating awareness on opportunities.

3. Let our voices be heard through Comments on Exposure Drafts.

4. Promoting New speakers in our Madurai Branch.

5. Continuing the successful Mentor- Mentee programme.

6. Setting up Helpdesks on GST and Income Tax.


1. Organising Coaching classes at the Branch level.

2. Improving Communication Skills and Leadership skills in students.

3. Organising “ Study circles” for Students.

4. Preparing students to face the exams confidently.

I promise you an eventful year for MBSIRC and I seek all your active participation and cooperation…

I believe Together we Can!

With this note, I am signing off with a promise to Serve the members and students of Madurai Branch!

Thank you…

About Us

Madurai Branch was opened on 1st April, 1962 in a small Rented premises. During 1987-88, 34cents of land was purchased at Postal and Telegraph Nagar Road with the efforts of Senior members and Past Chairmen.

Contact Details

ICAI Bhawan, Old Natham Road, Opp. Balamandiram School, Visalakshipuram, Madurai – 625 014