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Student Awards
Name of the Prize Fund Paper CA Name
1 Hariharan Prize Fund Final I Rank CA Padmavathi
2 Hariharan Prize Fund Inter I Rank CA Padmavathi
3 Gopalsamy Prize Fund Foun. I Rank CA Mahadevan GV
4 Gopalsamy Prize Fund Foun. II Rank CA Mahadevan GV
5 S.N.Ramakrishnaraja Prize Fund Inter –A/Cs CA Jayanthi V
6 P.Muthumanickam Prize Fund Final-A/Cs CA Muthumanickam P
7 C.K.Chandrasekarn Prize Fund Foun. A/Cs CA Lakshmanan C
8 C.K.Chandrasekarn Prize Fund Inter-Costing CA Lakshmanan C
9 C.K.Chandrasekaran Prize Fund Final-Auditing CA Lakshmanan C
10 V.Satyanarayanan Prize Fund Inter-Inco.Tax CA Venkataramanan Dindigul
11 Uma & Subramanian Prize Fund Final I Rank CA Subramanian TG
12 Sri Krishna Educational Prize Fund Final-Dire.Taxes. CA Janarthanan S Palani
13 R.Seshan Prize Fund Prize Fund Inter – Auditing CA Sundararaman S
14 V.K.Subramanian-S.Kamalam Inter -Advanced acc CA Karuthurajan KS
About Us

Madurai Branch was opened on 1st April, 1962 in a small Rented premises. During 1987-88, 34cents of land was purchased at Postal and Telegraph Nagar Road with the efforts of Senior members and Past Chairmen.

Contact Details
ICAI Bhawan, Old Natham Road, Opp. Balamandiram School, Visalakshipuram, Madurai – 625 014